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Local 1359 Contract Update #5
(October, 2007)

Bargaining between the Local and the state of New York on a successor agreement to the one which expired on April 1, 2007 continues to date.

The employer has finally presented a list of actual health care demands to the union. They are extremely onerous and would result, if enacted, in huge increases in health care costs to our members. Such a result would also dwarf any negotiated increase in salary the Local could obtain for members and effectively render meaningless any such "raise." It is our understanding that other state bargaining units have received similar onerous health care proposals. The Local's negotiating committee vigorously objected to the state's proposals which, for the most part, simply shift costs previously borne by the state onto the backs of our members. In prior years' contract bargaining, management and the union worked together on proposals which would save the plan money (inuring to the benefit of both the employer and employees as cost savings were realized by all) rather than (current) state proposals which simply shift most expenses from the employer to employees. The negotiating committee advised the management representatives present that their proposals were unacceptable.

The employer has also provided a very general initial response to the Local's comprehensive list of contractual demands. Further information gathering and discussions between the parties concerning all proposals are ongoing.

As previously indicated, the Local's negotiating committee has worked diligently to date to achieve a beneficial new agreement on behalf of all members and is prepared to work as rapidly as we can with the employer to achieve a mutually satisfying successor agreement.

Updates on the status of negotiations will be periodically provided to all members as relevant information becomes available. If you are unable to attend a general membership meeting, please check the Local's website at www.local1359.org and look under the "News Headlines" column for the latest information.

The Local 1359 Negotiating Team consists of President Ralph F. Carbone, Vice-President Dennis Ifill, Treasurer Darryl Adams, Secretary Charmaine Hardaway and Executive Board member Mushtaq Ali. From District Council 37 are negotiator Michele Trester, legal counsel Alan Brown and benefits expert Willie Chang.

Ralph F. Carbone
October 9, 2007




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