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General Membership Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2006

PRESENT: See sign-in sheet.

A quorum was present.

President Carbone called to order the General Membership Meeting of September 12, 2006 at 6pm in the 5th floor cafeteria at Gertz Plaza.

A motion to accept the General Membership minutes of June 13, 2006 was made by Cheryl Fraser and seconded by Yuklin Guevara. The motion was unanimously approved.

A motion to accept the Treasurer's Reports for July, August and September, the September report also includes the Picnic Report for 2006 was made by Charmaine Hardaway and seconded by Jackie Hairston. The motion was unanimously approved.

Copies of the Local's 2005 Certified Financial Report was made available. President Carbone reported that there were no problems found by the audit and that the local was in good financial shape.

President Carbone advised the General Membership that the Executive Board authorized him to explore the establishment of a Web Site for Local 1359. The Executive Board reviewed a proposal by Smart Web and unanimously approved it subject to General Membership approval. Smart Web will host, maintain and update the site with information provided by the Local. The fee will be $900.00 to design, create and set up the site. It will cost $34.95 per month to maintain the site. In addition with respect to updating the site there is a $32.50 per half hour fee for adding or changing anything currently on the site. There is also an annual charge of $14.95 to purchase and maintain the domain name. President Carbone put forth a motion to allocate $1500.00 for the initial start up of the Local's Web Site. In addition to the $1500.00 an authorization to maintain the site at $34.95 per month was requested. The motion was seconded by Bill Miller. A discussion was held. The motion was unanimously approved.

President Carbone advised the General Membership that they will be receiving a copy of the Local's Constitution Committee's Report in the mail. The committee updated the Local's Constitution. The changes that are being proposed will be read at the October 10, 2006 General Membership meeting and voted on at the November 14, 2006 General Membership meeting.

RENT GUIDELINES BOARD: increases for NYC for the period from October 1, 2006 thru September 20, 2007 are 4.25% for a one year lease and 7.25% for a 2 year lease.

AFSCME CONVENTION: the news out of the Convention was not good in respect to the per capita tax rate. On top of the annual per capita tax increase which now approximates $1.00 per month, there will be an additional per capita tax increase of $2.50 per month to be phased in over the next 3 years: $1.25 on January 1, 2007, $.75 on January 1, 2008 and $.50 on January 1, 2009 (the total approximating at least $5.50 per month over that time). The Local 1359 delegation to the Convention unanimously opposed the per capita tax increase.

RETIREMENT INCENTIVE LEGISLATION: on July 19, 2006 Governor Pataki vetoed this legislation (55/25 plan).

SECURITY: President Carbone advised the General Membership that new security procedures were implemented at Gertz Plaza including the need to constantly display a state issued ID. These measures more greatly insure the security of the members

CLERICAL PROMOTION EXAM: the time to apply has passed. Exam books are available for those taking the test. Any member needing a book should see Clerical Rep. Cheryl Fraser.

AFSCME SCHOLARSHIP: each scholarship is for $2000.00 per year for a 4 year matriculating student. To qualify the student must be a high school senior, who is enrolling in a four year degree program. They must be the son or daughter of an AFSCME member or the grandson/daughter where the grandparent is the sole supporter. The student must write a 1000 word essay on what AFSCME has meant to their family. The student must have taken the SAT or the ACT exams and have the scores available to be sent to AFSCME. Any member needing an application should see Charmaine Hardaway or President Carbone.

RENT INSPECTOR EXAM: there will be a Rent Inspector exam on January 20, 2007. Members can apply starting November 3, 2006. The deadline is December 18, 2006.

GERTZ RENOVATON: there is a meeting scheduled for late September, 2006 between OGS, the owner and Gertz management to review the current fire safety plan. If the plan is acceptable by OGS and the Agency then the hold on the renovation plan will be removed.

A motion to adjourn was made by Charmaine Hardaway and seconded by Cheryl Fraser. The motion was unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned 6:40pm.

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