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About Us

Local 1359 members administer the rent stabilization and rent control system for the New York State Division of Housing & Community Renewal. We are rent examiners who check to ensure that tenants are paying no more than the legal regulated rent for their apartments. We are public information specialists who provide assistance to tenants and landlords who contact the agency in person or by telephone. We are inspectors who visit rent regulated buildings to observe and report on the physical condition of the premises. We are attorneys who prosecute owners who violate the rent laws by failing to provide required services, harass tenants or commit fraud. We are clerical employees who construct and prepare case files, handle and deliver agency mail and send orders to affected parties. Indeed, that is but a handful of the myriad of other duties, responsibilities and tasks inherent in what Local 1359 members do on behalf of the more than three million people subject to the Rent Regulatory Laws.

Local 1359 was originally formed in 1962 to represent employees of the City of New York who would now be administering the Rent & Rehabilitation Law (rent control) as jurisdiction over this law had just been transferred from the State of New York. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Local was originally known as the Rent & Rehabilitation Employees. In 1984, the State of New York took over administration of both the rent control law and the rent stabilization law (which had been administered since its inception in 1969 by a quasi-public agency known as the NYC Conciliation & Appeals Board). To reflect the fact that Local 1359 would now be representing employees who administered both systems, the Local changed its name to the NYC Rent Regulation Services Employees.

Local 1359 members are the only executive branch state employees in District Council 37. We have our own Collective Bargaining Agreement; participate in the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) - FDA wanted to protect you from cialis generika generic pill; and, are members of the New York State Employees Retirement system.


Executive Board


 PresidentDennis Ifill 
 Vice PresidentDarryl Adams 
 TreasurerMushtaq Ali 
 Secretary Michelle Chapman
Tel. 718-262-4007
 Rent Examiner RepresentativeKeenon Roberts  
 Rent Program Specialist RepresentativeHelen Fang 
 Rent Inspector RepresentativeElizabeth Marzan  
 Clerical RepresentativeCheryl Fraser 
 Professional RepresentativeLaurence Ramer 
 Delegate to Central Labor Council John Lafferty 
 Delegates to District Council 37 Shanomae Wiltshire  
  Alexander Thomas  
  Stacey Payton  
 Gertz Union Office RepresentativesMaurice Bouyea 

Contact Us

Local 1359
Rent Regulation Services Employees
District Council 37
125 Barclay Street, New York, NY 10007-2179.
Tel. (212) 815-1186.




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